Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions​

Bulk Supplier of Building Materials and Aggregates & In House Manufacturer of Steel Reinforcement Materials

BEMSIMOVE PTY LTD was founded on the basis of providing construction solutions to all sectors of infrastructure development. Since 2021 we began our journey with becoming a local manufacturer of steel reinforcement materials and broadening into an array of building materials. Over the course of growing in the industry we’ve built a reliable network of international and local manufacturers making us one of the
leading suppliers in terms of service, pricing and quality. Now we’ve opened our doors to direct consulting, project management, aggregate supply and logistical
support in all applications.


We offer a wide range of products and services such as brickforce, weld mesh, beams, cement, bitumen and all other building aggregates to cater for your needs.

Our Innovations​

About LED Glass

LED Glass is made into a unit module using the Become -In technology, and through the splicing module can form any size LED display, displaying text, image, video and other images.


The screen size, grayscale, color can be adjusted, with multiple expansion of high-tech display products, while having the characteristics of permeability, fashion, beauty, thin and light.

High transparency

Highly transparent HD, without changing the permeability and light of the original location, without affect the image of the building and indoor and outdoor appearance, integrating into the city and life.

Mid Intelligent Control

It can be portable and more convenient to use the cell phone APP remote control.

Wide viewing angle

160° wide angle display glass screen, so that the product multi-perspective presentation to customers, easy to promote and deepen the impression.

Easy installation

Thin thickness, light total volume, no need for box and steel frame structure, allowing for fast integrated installation.

Personalized Customization

Customized electro-optic glass products of different shapes or curvatures are available for demand. Meet various sizes and shapes of molding applications.

Core Advantages

Become - In LED lamp bead light emitting technology lamp beads and chips into one, for better picture rendering fine industrial design, more stable structure high transparency and high brightness, fine & realistic colour

LED Glass transparent display

Using FPCB flexible circuit board, hollow out at least 80% of the area, retain 20% of the area to install LED, and then splicing flexible circuit board to achieve a large area of the light board size, in the large area of the glass laminated light board, made out of the size and thickness can be customized.


About PSF

PSF(Projection Super Friend) is based on the principle of projector reflection imaging, and the surface of the film is coated with a nano-scale photosensitive coating through a vacuum magnetron sputtering coating process, so that the film maintains a high transmittance and also has a high reflectivity (mirror appearance), 170-degree phantom imaging, composite phantom imaging and stereoscopic suspended phantom imaging.

A brand-new projection medium is displayed in important event scenes, which is more transparent than traditional screens, and can make the image suspended in the air to produce a hazy and magical visual effect.

The double sides projection film remains transparent while ensuring that the picture is still bright and the colors are vivid and saturated. The audience can see any object on the back through the holographic invisible screen, and can also use the light transmission secondary imaging, which is more transparent than the traditional projection screen, and can make the image suspended in the air.

Auto Smart Film

Auto Smart Film is a film developed on the basis of the film smart film, using 1st generation of smart film, using special substrates and wide temperature liquid crystal materials, and specially developed for automotive conditions.

Note: Auto Smart Film requires water to assist with application.


Smart Glass

Smart Glass is a new type of glass with a sandwich structure that combines specialized film between two layers of glass and is integrally formed after high temperature and high pressure bonding. Through the controller, it can instantly switch between opaque and transparent.